"I wish I knew how to grow this thing"

So you built a SaaS product or ecommerce store that's generating revenue, and has a bunch of happy users? Awesome!GrowthLook tells you where — and how — to start growing it, in just 7 business days.

GrowthLook is a quick-turnaround, flat-fee analysis service, designed to help SaaS and ecommerce businesses grow.

What's growth worth to your business?

Small optimization wins over time turn into big numbers for SaaS and ecommerce businesses. Even incremental gains from time & effort spent optimizing your customer funnel compound, and generate significantly more revenue over time. But it's hard to know where to dedicate your limited resources to find those wins.So how much is a good growth optimization plan worth to you? Use this calculator to find out! »

"The average ROI on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is 223%" ~VentureBeat

Know where to focus

With GrowthLook, you get a custom, detailed, and plain-english report that tells you the easiest opportunities to grow your revenue, with a thorough statistical analysis of your traffic, user, and revenue data, plus a screen-by-screen UX video walkthrough of your product, from signup to purchase.The process is straightforward: you answer some questions about your product, and we hop on a 20-30 min call to go over your info. Then, I go digging for answers, and you receive your growth report within 7 business days — all for one flat fee.Seriously, there are no hourly rates, no annual commitments, or other typical consultanty-type entanglements. Just actionable, data-driven growth insights you can start implementing within days.

What's included?

GrowthLook uses an efficient, streamlined method to discover actually useful insights that'll help you answer real questions about your product. No haggling over timesheets, no weekly status meetings, and no BS.

Statistical data analysis

Which traffic sources drive the most revenue for you? What are the true benchmarks for your key metrics? Where should you focus your growth efforts? A thorough statistical analysis of your traffic, user, and revenue data holds the answers.

  • Lower CAC & find your best marketing channels

  • Increase user acq. w/ a custom Traffic Growth plan

  • Identify your "North Star" metric

  • Prioritize better w/ accurate metrics benchmarking

User experience video review

Providing a good user experience is expected of all SaaS products these days — but where are the most impactful opportunities to improve yours?Get up to 60-minutes of expert-narrated, video analysis of your product's signup and upgrade flow, plus detailed instructions for optimizing them.

  • Increase upgrade conversion & reduce churn

  • Improve signup conversion & user activation

  • Get more users to your product's "Aha!" moment

  • Lower customer support costs & increase Customer Lifetime Value

Practical, custom, and impactful growth insights

Most consulting reports rattle off a list of perpetual, low-value marketing to-do's, and generic best practices. Your GrowthLook report will contain at least 5 specific, actionable recommendations for immediately growing your product's user acquisition, revenue, and other key metrics.

"You should get more Twitter followers, or maybe send out a monthly email newsletter!"
"Make sure you post on your blog 3 to 5 times per week..."

"You're losing more users during the onboarding process than average. Here's a user flow mockup to help retain them."
"Your churn rate is higher than normal. Here's a list of good questions to survey your users with, to find out why."
"There's a strong correlation between traffic from OtherWebsite.com and your revenue. Here are some specific tactics for growing inbound traffic from there."

Who's behind all this?

Hi! I'm Jason, and I created GrowthLook to help SaaS founders and app developers grow the products they build.I've been in product management for 12 years, and led the world-class design & development teams behind over a dozen B2C, B2B, and enterprise SaaS and mobile products across categories like HR Tech, Healthcare, Insurtech and more. In total, they've been used by over 450,000 people and companies — including Filament (acq. by ShareThis), Voalte (acq. by Hillrom for ~$200m), and GloveBox (raised a $5.5m Series A in July 2022).I personally know how much sweat and dedication goes into creating a great product that users love - which is why I want to help you get the most out of your business.Want to know more? I also provide 1:1 product mentorship for SaaS founders on GrowthMentor and Clarity, where I maintain a 5-star rating on both platforms, with over 60 reviews. (I also really love tacos ;)

Smart SaaS people use GrowthLook

// Andre Gagnon, Founder @ ProjectHuddle

"Jason helped us quickly identify a bunch of impactful growth opportunities at ProjectHuddle, which have helped us acquire thousands of active new users"

// JD Graffam, Owner @ Curated

"GrowthLook is like getting a fellow entrepreneur’s opinion about your business — except it’s someone who has the time to dig into the data and clearly articulate a path forward. If you’re stuck or uncertain, let Jason take a stab at it — he’ll open your eyes to what’s right in front of you."

// Sofia Quintero, Founder @ EnjoyHQ

"If you need a pair of fresh eyes, Jason can help you step back and rethink your growth strategy."

// Evan Shoemaker, Founder @ WeBuild

"Jason is a powerhouse — he's incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SaaS, quick to provide new ideas, and just a ton of fun to talk to. Feeling fired up + inspired!"

// David Kelly, Marketing Mgr @ Student Loan Hero

"We needed tips on how to plan our growth team, growth strategy, and marketing channels. Jason's advice was top-notch, and he shared incredible insights with detailed explanations to back up his statements. Highly recommended."

// Paddy Radhakrishan, Product Manager @ SlideDeck

"Jason - an extremely resourceful and helpful person to have in your team. His excellence in correlating various aspects of business helped us in taking impactful decisions."

Get answers. Start growing.

Agencies usually cost tens of thousands of dollars in monthly retainer fees and take up to 90 days to provide these kinds of actionable insights. GrowthLook is different.

UX VIDEO REVIEWIdeal for optimizing funnel conversion rates, boosting user engagement, and killing churn.


USD, one-time fee

Includes:+ Up to 60 mins video review of your website, signup & upgrade flows
+ Custom video notes with tips, wireframes & resources
+ Delivered in 7 biz days

TRAFFIC & REVENUE DATA ANALYSISPerfect for finding your best marketing channels, and accelerating user acquisition.


USD, one-time fee

Includes:+ Custom traffic & revenue growth plan with 5 or more recommendations
+ Benchmarks & trends for up to 5 metrics
+ Delivered in 7 biz days

BEST DEAL: GET A FULL REVIEW & SAVE $500UX Video Review + Traffic & Revenue Data Analysis (save $500)


USD, one-time fee

Includes:+ Everything! Uncover all of your immediate user & revenue growth opportunities
+ Delivered in 7 biz days

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